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What Putin thinks about when talking about neo-Nazis and ‘denazification’ in Ukraine…

(In het Nederlands)

What Putin thinks about when talking about neo-Nazis and ‘denazification’ in Ukraine now with the military invasion and operations. Including of course a hefty dot of propaganda exaggeration : (link mainly English sites, has more info on it)

  • The Azov Battalion is a Ukrainian right-wing extremist nationalist militia founded in May 2014, which is part of the Ukrainian National Guard.
  • Ultra-nationalists and neo-Nazis who are… unfortunately… were given too much space on stages and for that of the genuine protests and demonstrations on Euromaidan. Which, however, was used and abused for many other, less fresh and sincere, agendas.
  • Who were involved in the coup in 2014 and government formation afterwards. See also Nuland tapes. Nuland who by the way not only in 2014 but also now under Biden plays an important role around Ukraine and Russia conflict…
  • The very controversial Stepan Bandera (a.o. for involvement in the mass murders of the Polish and Jewish Ukrainian people), who was reinstated by the ‘Orange Revolution’ (where the Americans were also very active and determined by clever strategy and means!) President Viktor Yushchenko and appointed ‘Hero of Ukraine’. Was immediately undone in 2011, notoriously by disputed Victor Yanukovych, the president who fled and was deposed after the coup in 2014.

Of course, not all the time and everywhere so strong and influential. Certainly not in politics and parliament. And enough Ukrainian politicians who distance themselves from it. And propagandistically, of course, firmly reinforced by now rather distrustful Russia and Putin, who see the hand of the US everywhere by now. Often correct, but not always. But still a less pretty picture than even our own media is now painting in response to Russia’s accusations and describing it in remarkably mild terms, suggesting that it is mostly disinformation. Which I find perhaps even more worrying (also for the state of our system, but that is another subject). But not surprising given the again skilfully whipped up mass hysteria and anti-Russia and especially anti-Putin smear campaign now via the helpful and/or gullible (social) media. And it is easy to guess who is closely involved in this…again…😠😔😖

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So I’m not the only one who saw it for some time…

(In Nederlands)

So I am not the only one who has seen it and pointed it out and warned about it for some time, including especially for and in the direction of the EU. Also astute, very well informed and skilled British and German journalists like then Guardian Ian Traynor (RIP) and then Die Zeit Mária Huber, already saw the large and decisive American influence and steering campaigns in 2004 at the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and later Euromaidan (with ao “Fuck the EU” Nuland, again participating these days). and violent developments there in 2014. Which drastically worsened the simmering conflict with Russia with the Russian seizure and annexation of Crimea and the (failed) similar operation in Eastern Ukraine.

And the extensive but often indirectly financed American influence strategy used for this. Especially via international aid departments and institutes, think tanks and local (especially student) organisations that were/are used for this. Huber, now a professor and expert on the subject, later explained this in more detail. Under the pretence of wanting to bring democracy and freedom in particular, but in fact to further contain and weaken Russia and thus to expand the American sphere of influence in Europe (also as part of the Bush doctrine at the time!!). And what concerns me as an advocate for a stronger and autonomous EU especially here … also “the aim of the USA is to expand NATO and weaken the EU in this way.”.

Also with the Orange Revolution, by the way, the striking role of the Ukrainian intelligence and security services already. Probably again, as I already suspected, decisive during the coup and regime change in 2014.