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Vision Organisation for Democratic Constitutional States 2045

This new vision still to be worked out. This new future organisation will replace NATO, which after taking the wrong collaborative turn recently…and the EU recovering from the current crisis threatening its survival…not only remains brain death but will then cease to exist as far as I am concerned.
Things could have been so different for the organisation in my earlier alternative vision for a reformed NATO, but its leader US and close ally UK and their sympathisers in NATO and EU chose a nationalist egocentric path against the growing collaboration between EU and Russia..against bigger, more autonomous and self-sustaining undivided Europe!!.
But for the world’s democratic constitutional states…besides the (reformed) UN…given the growing influence and security threat from autocratic and dictatorial countries…there remains a need for a collective organisation, including for the collective care and guarantee of the security of member states.

So being continued…

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Rest in peace…

The tormentor of the American nationalistic hawks…both Democrats and Republicans…former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, has died. How they were annoyed when he undermined their beloved Cold War and with it Pax Americana at the time.

They kept undermining the rapprochement with Russia and that between the EU and Russia in line with the European Dream even more. Putin’s EU-Russia vision was an affront and threat to their worldview and still assumed world leadership.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, their deliberate provocation has succeeded in restarting the for them and their supporters within NATO and EU so familiar and also lucrative Cold War…after their failing and disastrous projects in Afghanistan and Iraq…and restoring of their beloved Pax Americana 2.0…

they think

R.I.P. Mikhael Gorbachev

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Nearly 6 months into…

Nearly 6 months into a deliberately provoked nasty proxy war in Ukraine with again…after Afghanistan and Iraq earlier…disastrous consequences for country, region and world and still many here in the EU have not realised that little will remain of Ukraine and that the nationalist US and UK had foreseen and accepted this in advance. Their main goal is already achieved.

Because the outcome of the proxy war in Ukraine is already as good as certain…known before started…with the exception of an earlier successful peace attempt and deal which Putin’s Russia is also still hoping for…hence the slow conquest of Ukrainian territory…besides that time is it’s friend…so the question is whether the nationalistic US, its loyal and also nationalistic buddy UK and with them collaborating sympathisers within NATO and EU are going to use NATO and assets itself.

They already played with fire by deliberately provoking the conflict with Russia (and also against the EU!!) into a deadly and disastrous proxy war in Ukraine…will they make the next move later too?! I hope not, but…

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‘Intermediate score’ proxy war in Ukraine 3

(In Nederlands)

And as I expected, the deliberately provoked conflict with Russia..and thus also directed against the EU!!..resulting in a nasty and disastrous proxy war in Ukraine is now deliberately prolonged. The strategic goal is already achieved for the instigators US and UK and their collaborators within NATO and EU. So why prolong it now?

> So that the EU will soon be brain dead and (thus) not ‘their’ NATO;
> The conflict also weakens federal Russia further so that later on uprisings might break out there (and…again…to be organised by the US and UK as in the past) due to the dissatisfaction of citizens with bad conditions (which does not seem to be too bad at the moment);
> To further strengthen NATO with new members like Sweden and Finland;
> Time and thus the chance for more nasty deadly incidents with many civilian victims that can be attributed to the Russians…or false flags organised by themselves…in order to fix this Cold War and anti-Russian mood in the European mindset;
> As many arms contracts as possible and those for previously expensive shale gas LNG and oil ‘Made in America’ and crumbs for UK and Australia (coal they didn’t get to sell before to China) and other Arab allies, before a kind of cold peace will be established again in again divided Europe like with the previous Cold War (which never ended in Washington and London and NATO HQs);
> A warning to the regime in China that they are prepared to fight a war and long-term deployment and supply in this kind of proxy war or direct war with each other, for example around Taiwan or other strategic location for US-Pax Americana 2.0.
> And what I forget…

So no..the goal of US and UK and collaborating sympathisers here in NATO and EU is not for Ukraine to win this proxy war with chanceless..except in their propaganda and statements by paid sympathising ‘experts’. The goal is to prolong it so long that not NATO but EU is thus brain death and new Cold War deeply ingrained in our thinking and life here in the EU.

Possible future borders in view by Russia now and all already accepted by US and UK

For me an unacceptable outcome so I fight within the boundaries of the system (unfortunately decayed and therefore in need of recalibration) that I adore and defend (Democracy, Rule of Law and Freedoms) for a peace plan for this ugly and disastrous proxy war in Ukraine and the survival and strengthening of an undivided autonomous and strong EUrope!!!

And the these days so needed disclaimer

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The EU is coming out of it’s life threatening crisis better and stronger!!

(In Nederlands)

The EU is coming out of this life threatening crisis better and stronger!!! NO WAY..NO F#CKING WAY!!! that it will be brain death as the US, UK, NATO and their sympathisers here in Europe and EU want!!! We are going to defeat and defuse the collaborators and nationalists in the EU!!!

First of all, there will be an end as soon as possible to this nasty proxy war that they have deliberately provoked in Ukraine with…again…disastrous consequences for the country, region and world…just like Afghanistan and Iraq. Also Ukraine, Belarus and Russia will become EU members towards 2045!!! When we commemorate and celebrate in Europe that the horrible destructive Second World War ended 100 years ago here in 1945.. #StrongerTogether #WeAreEurope

From which these nationalists and collaborators out and inside Europe-EU learned nothing. Nor from their earlier destructive and disastrous projects in Afghanistan 2001-2021 and especially Iraq 2003. Who ever thought that people here would fall for it…again?!?!

And in 2045 NATO as we know it today will no longer exist!! Even though it now thinks to be alive again because of the conflict in Ukraine after the French president Macron recently called NATO brain death…now the EU seems to become brain death after taking a wrong turn. But this is just an apparent phase…just like the earlier claimed NATO ‘successes’ of its missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria…and so now Ukraine.

NATO took the wrong turn by collaborating with US and UK and their sympathisers in their egocentric nationalistic project against Russia…and against the EU(!!). And will, unlike the EU, not be able to come back and recover from that.

So the EU gets its own EUropean Defence Union – EDU to collectively protect the territories of its member states and their strategic interest in the world.

It will be a hard fight towards 2045. But we as Europeans will win…again…against this bad nationalism!!! The European Dream is not killed today…after we learned these painful lessons in our history
Nor is the European Union – the EU!!!


#StrongerTogether #WeAreEUrope🇪🇺

Needed in this time of mass formation and fierce propaganda…Disclaimer

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‘Intermediate score’ proxy war in Ukraine 2

(In Nederlands)

For eight years only?! ya right..🤥🙃🤡

“United States, Canada, Britain…other allies”…
Although, as far as I know, Canada was less actively and ideologically involved in the larger US-UK project and policy against Russia..and the EU. Then more so Australia..

“To get the Ukrainians ready for this kind of war…”
Yes because the US knew this was going to happen one day. Not because the Russians were intended to do so. Putin’s Russia clearly wanted to prevent it. Although they said they would intervene if their red line in Ukraine would be crossed. And that was exactly what the US and UK and sympathisers did in the direction of 24 April. They provoked it to this point..all peace attempts were torpedoed…deliberately so. And there were reasons to do so now

The reality and real developments of the past decades are being ‘leaked’ more and more now. Most of it from loose talk and grandstanding from victory voting. Like John Kirby here…who is also known for that. Though most will miss it here in EU and gullibly think it’s all genuine and sincere what US and UK and their supporters do towards Ukraine and against ‘that evil Putin’s Russia’…
Just like in Afghanistan 2001-2021 and Iraq 2003>…

And the these days so needed disclaimer

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‘Intermediate score’ proxy war in Ukraine

(In Nederlands)

Just a few comments on this tragic proxy war that could have been prevented if too many had not gullibly and foolishly bought it…again…
Besides the again very active collaborators…again …

Yes…war is terrible and dirty and intense and traumatic. Except for psychopaths it is enjoyable for very few, despite the smiles and cheers on some videos and photos. And yes, war crimes are committed…far too many. By these psychopaths, but also by ordinary soldiers and armed civilians who go crazy in these intense circumstances. No excuses, but the image of a frische fröhliche Krieg is only propaganda by and for gullible people.

No, Russia did not want to conquer Kiev or kidnap President Zelensky with the first attack. It could not do so with the number of troops deployed. The aim with this quick in-depth attack and attacks on the border and from ‘Donbass’ was to force a quick peace settlement…of course under conditions favourable to Russia…and thus prevent further warfare. It seemed to work for a while, but the Ukrainian government Zelensky allowed itself…just like the governments during the civil wars in the former Yugoslavia and especially Bosnia…to be seduced by especially the American promises to reject that and to continue fighting. The Russians persisted for a while…promised and threatened some more…but eventually withdrew again. Russia, Putin and team visibly disappointed and deeply frustrated…especially by American-British subversion again and EU docility in this…again. Which was of course propagandistically exploited to the maximum being a painful Russian defeat. Unfortunately also by too many of my colleagues (for many of them after all ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’). More critical comments were mostly absent.

The strategy that Putin’s Russia subsequently chose is, in many respects and according to the circumstances that they have to reckon with and that they still hope for and want to achieve, logical and ‘smart’. With all the mistakes, misdeeds and failures that come with it. And how long this proxy war is going to last as a result. With adverse consequences again…such as Finland and Sweden’s foolish NATO membership. And as far as you can speak of ‘smart’ in a nasty deadly proxy war like this. A conflict and proxy war with…just like Afghanistan and especially Iraq…again destructive and disastrous consequences for involved country(s), region and also the world. But I already explained that the real instigators of also this project, larger conflict against Russia…and against the EU(!!)…and this proxy war in Ukraine, the US and the UK and collaborating and gullible other governments and supporters, were and are not really bothered by it.

So, I can explain and set out why this Russian strategy is now logical and ‘smart’. But in doing so, I am playing into the hands of the real instigators and their loyal collaborators and gullible believers here. And although I…see my disclaimer…am not a fanboy of Putin’s Russia or dictatorships in general, I also do not wish to help these egocentric malicious nationalist instigators of this…again…destructive and disastrous war…which has shattered the European dream and is rendering the EU brain death…to succeed in their project and malicious intent. The sooner they…as in Afghanistan and Iraq…lose again the ‘less bad’ for us Europe and the world. So I keep this analysis to myself and will at most share it with those who I trust and who share my critical view and opinion in this matter. And I watch with a mix of sadness, pain, disappointment but also cynical gloating and bewilderment at so much gullibility and stupidity how this tragic conflict develops. It took 20 years with Srebrenica and Afghanistan before my (unfortunately!!) right was proved…I hope that this time it will be much sooner. Better for the (still to come) victims, for the world, better for us Europeans…

And the these days so needed disclaimer

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Why does all my gut feeling for now tell me that…

(Updated 18, 21 April, 6 May)

‘The US has deployed 150 Navy SEAL commandos and Britain has deployed 70 Air Services to Lithuania for this operation’
‘Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas claimed that a distress signal had been sent from the ship shortly after it was hit.’*
‘Ukrainian sources reported that the attack was supported by a Bayraktar TB2 combat drone, which distracted the Russian ship’s defences.’*
‘On 14 April 2022, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that imagery showed the ship had suffered a sizable explosion and a subsequent “significant fire”. The cause of the explosion was not clear.’*

Why the Lithuanian Defence Minister?! Being so far away from the location..or can someone not contain his enthusiasm because of prior knowledge?!🤔 And still no imagery or drone video of the attack shown?!🤨

Why does all my gut feeling for now tell me that the attack on the Russian Moskva cruiser was not by Neptune missiles but by US-UK-UKR SF’s?!🤔

‘at Moskva located 60 to 65 nautical miles offshore’*
‘middle of the night, in a storm’ (Source Twitter)
At night better time for your sensors to spot the launch and hot exhaust/skin of ASM’s. But at night and in a storm difficult to spot SF’s teams approaching.

I don’t say this is what really happened..missiles could have done it too..but see some striking things in the facts, circumstances and the statements and who said so. And US and UK able and in my opinion willing to do so…

Update 18 April: With the first pictures of the stricken Moskva, I do not even exclude the use of a (light) torpedo, given the apparent location of the main impact, the smoke from the chimney and the fact that the cruiser made a lot of water so quickly and sank (despite the presence of water compartments and bulkheads).

Update 21 April: ‘According to information published by the Daily Mail on April 20, 2022, the US Navy reportedly sent a P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft to have assisted the Ukrainian strikes on the Russian cruiser Moskva.’

There we go…😎…only assisted?!🤔
They were there..even 2 at the time..

Update 6 May: There we go again…’US officials have said they shared information about the location of the Russian warship Moskva with Ukraine prior to its sinking last month, a fresh demonstration of the close intelligence support Kyiv is receiving from Washington.’

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And not realising that every setback for Russia…

And here people cheer that Ukraine has dealt the Russians another blow (attack cruiser Moskva) and evil Russia and devilish Putin is losing even more and failing in its attack on Ukraine. They do not realise that every setback for Russia increases the chance that they will abandon the negotiation option to reach an inclusive peace solution, which they still preferred and therefore left open until now, and will proceed to a total all-out attack resulting in the conquest of all or most of Ukraine. Because the Russians will not lose in this matter anyway. After all, this is a strategically fundamental red line for Russia (with and without Putin, by the way), especially in view of aggressive attitudes and strategies of the US and buddy UK.

And let this already be calculated and accepted by the real instigators of this larger conflict against Russia (and the EU!!), the US and buddy UK. Who really have given up on Ukraine a long time ago, despite their bombastic rhetoric and their support. Because their main goal already achieved. New (hot) Cold War, divided Europe, weakened divided and controlled brain death ‘competitor’ EU, and Pax Americana 2.0!! But the more negative the image of Russia in this proxy war in Ukraine is, the better for the permanence of this Cold War (never really ended in Washington and London), which they deliberately restarted in the 90s.
So this a pyrrhic victory for ‘already lost’ Ukraine and its gullible and foolhardy supporters here…

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Will this conflict with Russia…

(In Nederlands)

Will this already long-running conflict with Russia (and EU!!!) arouse all those old Coldwarish elderly people now?!🤔 Impotent for a long time and rarely even fought themselves, but now cocky again in the (social) media in their warmongering and ‘wisdom’, just like before 1989 and during their ‘highlights’ Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq.😖

And all those narcissistic pseudo-alpha males and females…😖 Achieve(d) little in their own policies, lives and actions except with a lot of elbowing, lying, manipulating and projected false images. Hence the obsessive envy towards Putin, Merkel and Macron…?!🤔

Update 25-05-2022
Example. She often shows her rather malicious anti-Russian face these days, which clashes with her own image earlier. Wolf in sheep’s clothing?! Ursula Gertrud Baroness von der Leyen, first female president of..yes..the European Commission. And formerly intended successor of great stateswoman Merkel, but fell through the ice…vindictively afterwards?!

I also read on her Wikipedia pages in Dutch and English. That makes me wonder where her real loyalties lie…now.
‘As an economics student at the London School of Economics in the late 1970s, she lived under the name Rose Ladson, the family name of her American great-grandmother from Charleston, South Carolina.
‘In 1992 stopte ze met haar opleiding om specialist te worden, ze ging tot 1996 naar de Verenigde Staten.’
‘and was regarded as a leading contender to succeed Merkel as chancellor of Germany and as the favourite to become secretary general of NATO.’
‘Former British Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon noted in 2019 that she had been “a star presence” in the NATO community and “the doyenne of NATO ministers for over five years”‘
‘Since 2018 an investigative committee organized by Germany’s Federal Audit Office is looking into how contracts worth tens of millions of euros were awarded to external consultancy firms.*[96][97][63] The auditing office has found several irregularities in how the contracts were awarded. During the investigation, two of von der Leyen’s phones were confiscated, but data from both phones has been deleted before being returned to the defense ministry.’ [*mainly from USA]
‘On 2 July 2019, von der Leyen was proposed by the European Council as their candidate for the office of President of the European Commission.[2][3] On 16 July, she won with 383 to 327 votes.[4] Germany abstained from the vote to nominate her. An article in The Guardian says that the reason for Germany’s refusal to vote for her is that von der Leyen is divisive.[114]