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‘Intermediate score’ proxy war in Ukraine

(In Nederlands)

And two updates in May and July 2022

Just a few comments on this tragic proxy war that could have been prevented if too many had not gullibly and foolishly bought it…again…
Besides the again very active collaborators…again …

Yes…war is terrible and dirty and intense and traumatic. Except for psychopaths it is enjoyable for very few, despite the smiles and cheers on some videos and photos. And yes, war crimes are committed…far too many. By these psychopaths, but also by ordinary soldiers and armed civilians who go crazy in these intense circumstances. No excuses, but the image of a frische fröhliche Krieg is only propaganda by and for gullible people.

No, Russia did not want to conquer Kiev or kidnap President Zelensky with the first attack. It could not do so with the number of troops deployed. The aim with this quick in-depth attack and attacks on the border and from ‘Donbass’ was to force a quick peace settlement…of course under conditions favourable to Russia…and thus prevent further warfare. It seemed to work for a while, but the Ukrainian government Zelensky allowed itself…just like the governments during the civil wars in the former Yugoslavia and especially Bosnia…to be seduced by especially the American promises to reject that and to continue fighting. The Russians persisted for a while…promised and threatened some more…but eventually withdrew again. Russia, Putin and team visibly disappointed and deeply frustrated…especially by American-British subversion again and EU docility in this…again. Which was of course propagandistically exploited to the maximum being a painful Russian defeat. Unfortunately also by too many of my colleagues (for many of them after all ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’). More critical comments were mostly absent.

The strategy that Putin’s Russia subsequently chose is, in many respects and according to the circumstances that they have to reckon with and that they still hope for and want to achieve, logical and ‘smart’. With all the mistakes, misdeeds and failures that come with it. And how long this proxy war is going to last as a result. With adverse consequences again…such as Finland and Sweden’s foolish NATO membership. And as far as you can speak of ‘smart’ in a nasty deadly proxy war like this. A conflict and proxy war with…just like Afghanistan and especially Iraq…again destructive and disastrous consequences for involved country(s), region and also the world. But I already explained that the real instigators of also this project, larger conflict against Russia…and against the EU(!!)…and this proxy war in Ukraine, the US and the UK and collaborating and gullible other governments and supporters, were and are not really bothered by it.

So, I can explain and set out why this Russian strategy is now logical and ‘smart’. But in doing so, I am playing into the hands of the real instigators and their loyal collaborators and gullible believers here. And although I…see my disclaimer…am not a fanboy of Putin’s Russia or dictatorships in general, I also do not wish to help these egocentric malicious nationalist instigators of this…again…destructive and disastrous war…which has shattered the European dream and is rendering the EU brain death…to succeed in their project and malicious intent. The sooner they…as in Afghanistan and Iraq…lose again the ‘less bad’ for us Europe and the world. So I keep this analysis to myself and will at most share it with those who I trust and who share my critical view and opinion in this matter. And I watch with a mix of sadness, pain, disappointment but also cynical gloating and bewilderment at so much gullibility and stupidity how this tragic conflict develops. It took 20 years with Srebrenica and Afghanistan before my (unfortunately!!) right was proved…I hope that this time it will be much sooner. Better for the (still to come) victims, for the world, better for us Europeans…

Update May 2022:
For eight years only?! ya right..🤥🙃🤡

“United States, Canada, Britain…other allies”…
Although, as far as I know, Canada was less actively and ideologically involved in the larger US-UK project and policy against Russia..and the EU. Then more so Australia..

“To get the Ukrainians ready for this kind of war…”
Yes because the US knew this was going to happen one day. Not because the Russians were intended to do so. Putin’s Russia clearly wanted to prevent it. Although they said they would intervene if their red line in Ukraine would be crossed. And that was exactly what the US and UK and sympathisers did in the direction of 24 April. They provoked it to this point..all peace attempts were torpedoed…deliberately so. And there were reasons to do so now

The reality and real developments of the past decades are being ‘leaked’ more and more now. Most of it from loose talk and grandstanding from victory voting. Like John Kirby here…who is also known for that. Though most will miss it here in EU and gullibly think it’s all genuine and sincere what US and UK and their supporters do towards Ukraine and against ‘that evil Putin’s Russia’…
Just like in Afghanistan 2001-2021 and Iraq 2003>…

Update July 2022

And as I expected, the deliberately provoked conflict with Russia..and thus also directed against the EU!!..resulting in a nasty and disastrous proxy war in Ukraine is now deliberately prolonged. The strategic goal is already achieved for the instigators US and UK and their collaborators within NATO and EU. So why prolong it now?

> So that the EU will soon be brain dead and (thus) not ‘their’ NATO;
> The conflict also weakens federal Russia further so that later on uprisings might break out there (and…again…to be organised by the US and UK as in the past) due to the dissatisfaction of citizens with bad conditions (which does not seem to be too bad at the moment);
> To further strengthen NATO with new members like Sweden and Finland;
> Time and thus the chance for more nasty deadly incidents with many civilian victims that can be attributed to the Russians…or false flags organised by themselves…in order to fix this Cold War and anti-Russian mood in the European mindset;
> As many arms contracts as possible and those for previously expensive shale gas LNG and oil ‘Made in America’ and crumbs for UK and Australia (coal they didn’t get to sell before to China) and other Arab allies, before a kind of cold peace will be established again in again divided Europe like with the previous Cold War (which never ended in Washington and London and NATO HQs);
> A warning to the regime in China that they are prepared to fight a war and long-term deployment and supply in this kind of proxy war or direct war with each other, for example around Taiwan or other strategic location for US-Pax Americana 2.0.
> And what I forget…

So no..the goal of US and UK and collaborating sympathisers here in NATO and EU is not for Ukraine to win this proxy war with chanceless..except in their propaganda and statements by paid sympathising ‘experts’. The goal is to prolong it so long that not NATO but EU is thus brain death and new Cold War deeply ingrained in our thinking and life here in the EU.

Possible future border projected by Russia and already accepted by US and UK

For me an unacceptable outcome so I fight within the boundaries of the system (unfortunately decayed and therefore in need of recalibration) that I adore and defend (Democracy, Rule of Law and Freedoms) for a peace plan for this ugly and disastrous proxy war in Ukraine and the survival and strengthening of an undivided autonomous and strong EUrope!!!

And the these days so needed disclaimer

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I wonder how and how intensely…

I wonder how and how intensely US and UK and supporters in brain death EU are going to undermine the re-election of French President Macron. As punishment for his support for Merkel and their inclusive solution to the conflict with Russia and his peace efforts after her departure.🤔

I can’t imagine that the grudging president Biden…still sensitive to what he quickly sees as bullying against himself…has forgiven Macron this and his ‘choosing his chickens’ recently has earned enough new credit. AUKUS already not a good sign. Also fellow nationalist PM Johnson is downright resentful…

The ‘yellow jacket’ protests…which were at the time not always spontaneous in my opinion…may get a more grim sequel…

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What Putin thinks about when talking about neo-Nazis and ‘denazification’ in Ukraine…

(In het Nederlands)

What Putin thinks about when talking about neo-Nazis and ‘denazification’ in Ukraine now with the military invasion and operations. Including of course a hefty dot of propaganda exaggeration : (link mainly English sites, has more info on it)

  • The Azov Battalion is a Ukrainian right-wing extremist nationalist militia founded in May 2014, which is part of the Ukrainian National Guard.
  • Ultra-nationalists and neo-Nazis who are… unfortunately… were given too much space on stages and for that of the genuine protests and demonstrations on Euromaidan. Which, however, was used and abused for many other, less fresh and sincere, agendas.
  • Who were involved in the coup in 2014 and government formation afterwards. See also Nuland tapes. Nuland who by the way not only in 2014 but also now under Biden plays an important role around Ukraine and Russia conflict…
  • The very controversial Stepan Bandera (a.o. for involvement in the mass murders of the Polish and Jewish Ukrainian people), who was reinstated by the ‘Orange Revolution’ (where the Americans were also very active and determined by clever strategy and means!) President Viktor Yushchenko and appointed ‘Hero of Ukraine’. Was immediately undone in 2011, notoriously by disputed Victor Yanukovych, the president who fled and was deposed after the coup in 2014.

Of course, not all the time and everywhere so strong and influential. Certainly not in politics and parliament. And enough Ukrainian politicians who distance themselves from it. And propagandistically, of course, firmly reinforced by now rather distrustful Russia and Putin, who see the hand of the US everywhere by now. Often correct, but not always. But still a less pretty picture than even our own media is now painting in response to Russia’s accusations and describing it in remarkably mild terms, suggesting that it is mostly disinformation. Which I find perhaps even more worrying (also for the state of our system, but that is another subject). But not surprising given the again skilfully whipped up mass hysteria and anti-Russia and especially anti-Putin smear campaign now via the helpful and/or gullible (social) media. And it is easy to guess who is closely involved in this…again…😠😔😖

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Versailles! How cynical…

“The additional sanctions still have to be approved by the leaders of the 27 member states. They will meet in the French city of Versailles on Thursday and Friday.”

Versailles! How cynical…😖

And the attendees have apparently learned nothing from the painfully acquired lessons of our European past!😔

Are they just gullible or downright malicious then!🤷‍♂️🤦

Or will Macron have a higher purpose in doing so after all?🤔

Together with Merkel, he was one of the few people in the EU who did show knowledge and understanding of these historical lessons and who did want a more inclusive European solution to the conflict with Russia.

Or is that false hope again?🤷‍♂️

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Ahhhaaa!!😲…so that’s why…

Ahhhaaa!!😲…so that’s why Biden’s US, UK, NATO and supporters here put such a rush on it just before and after the departure of “block to their leg” Merkel!!!🤨

Although both Democrats and Republicans have the same negative view of the EU…. so bluntly communicated in 2020…. and thus about Russia and all the way to Putin’s Russia-EU vision from 2010 (was and think is still relevant)… they apparently wanted be to stay ahead this time of the really possible chance of another 4 years of Trump😱 from 2024/25 and all its consequences!!!!😰

I was just looking at the political situation in the USA and between the two parties via Wikipedia presidential election 2020 page and came upon that of the next presidential election in 2024…..and then the penny dropped!!!!😮 Another piece of the puzzle in place!! The collective haste and vicious fanaticism and so playing with fire…as they have calculated and costs accepted, the tragic and horrific consequences we saw in Afghanistan and especially Iraq, and now daily in Ukraine… I found so striking🤨 , but I could not quite place it. Surely that was not just because Merkel had left office??🤔

Now I can!!😐 Do you see it too already?! What happened during 4 years of presidentTrump in office?! With the position of NATO?? Towards Russia and Putin… certainly during the elections and in the early days… according to the (internal)critics and many conspiracy thinkers??

But in this context especially… with and within the EU🇪🇺?? You know, the beloved ally uuhh important geopolitical and geo-economic competitor of god’s given world leader USA🇺🇸(!!)… and EU’s foreign and especially security- and defence policy?!! Something about “Autonomy“🤔 And that is exactly what cold warriors and “own people and country (is) first” nationalists like President Biden and many politicians and top military officers, their colleagues in buddy Brexit and ‘Global Britain🇬🇧’ UK, the “brain death” NATO… and all their anti-EU-sceptic supporters and “believers” here in the EU itself… got a direct rashes of that then!!!😵🤢 But ppffff😅 this great threat to their nationalistic visions and existence now seems to have been resolved… and even… downright baffling!!!!😳😧… with the help of the very same EU itself…😖

But at what price for Europe and the EU.. so for us?!😟… for our peace, security and freedom… but also our prosperity and well-being!! The prospects, according to my future analysis, are not good… not favourable at all!!… poor us…😟😞

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So I’m not the only one who saw it for some time…

(In Nederlands)

So I am not the only one who has seen it and pointed it out and warned about it for some time, including especially for and in the direction of the EU. Also astute, very well informed and skilled British and German journalists like then Guardian Ian Traynor (RIP) and then Die Zeit Mária Huber, already saw the large and decisive American influence and steering campaigns in 2004 at the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and later Euromaidan (with ao “Fuck the EU” Nuland, again participating these days). and violent developments there in 2014. Which drastically worsened the simmering conflict with Russia with the Russian seizure and annexation of Crimea and the (failed) similar operation in Eastern Ukraine.

And the extensive but often indirectly financed American influence strategy used for this. Especially via international aid departments and institutes, think tanks and local (especially student) organisations that were/are used for this. Huber, now a professor and expert on the subject, later explained this in more detail. Under the pretence of wanting to bring democracy and freedom in particular, but in fact to further contain and weaken Russia and thus to expand the American sphere of influence in Europe (also as part of the Bush doctrine at the time!!). And what concerns me as an advocate for a stronger and autonomous EU especially here … also “the aim of the USA is to expand NATO and weaken the EU in this way.”.

Also with the Orange Revolution, by the way, the striking role of the Ukrainian intelligence and security services already. Probably again, as I already suspected, decisive during the coup and regime change in 2014.

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Seeing the attacking arrows on the map…

Seeing the attacking arrows on the map of dictator Lukashenko, I am starting to get some clarity on the Russian intended “end picture” should a solution through negotiations… also with the EU regarding an inclusive European solution and vision… was and is still Putin’s vision and the answer he was/is asking for!!… fail to materialise…

Because the US, UK, NATO and their supporters here have been categorically against an undivided Europe since the late 1990s and thus against Putin’s Russia-EU vision (except Merkel at the time… and possibly Macron… as was Sarkozy earlier) this will be also an acceptable end picture for them. After quickly admitting western remnant of Ukraine to NATO (that still its name?)… and build a new iron curtain… they can continue to stir unrest in Russia influenced part Ukraine (still its name too?), in Belarus and in Russia. What a sad, so preventable reality that will become..and for the EU taking the wrong turn

So probable objective new border old and new Ukraine’s (or other names?) when negotiations.. which are for Russia about much more than Ukraine itself.. so also with EU and US (&UK&NATO) will come to nothing in the coming weeks.

What a sad new reality…

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It looks like I will have to confess that my mission has failed..

(In het Nederlands)

In these days of…again…”Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” the so needed Disclaimer

Firstly, for consideration…”So You really think that if…

“NEVER AGAIN!!” I swore over 40 years ago in 1980 as a boy of 12 between the far too many headstones at the huge American military cemetery in Normandy. During our holiday in France, when I insisted on visiting the D-Day landing sites and this cemetery, my mother and father told me. Intensely crying and sobbing. It became the mission of my life, my training, my task..still..almost every day, almost every hour…far too often…far too long…but I found it necessary and did my best.

This painting hangs above my bed and reminds me every day of my mission and pledge every day. Even in the regular moments when I wanted to drop out, badly frustrated by what was happening…wanted to quit altogether…so much people made in my opinion the same mistakes again…went along with wrong projects and wars again…but still continued on.

But if I return there one day, more then 40 years later, it looks like I will have to confess that my mission has failed. Europe is once again divided, in a hard Cold War with now bloody proxy war in Ukraine. New iron curtains are strengthened and expanded. Enemy thinking, hatred and demonisation are spread through the now modern much more extensive and powerful propaganda and disinformation channels and thus reinforced. Mass forming and hysteria follows, new form of Mccarthyism is back. Because our current leaders…American and British leaders in front… harshly and egocentrically rejected an inclusive undivided Europe

So right after the flattening of the terrible and stressful years of our collective global corona pandemic and crisis they took their change…apparently nothing learned from that yet either.

I never thought then that…after more than 40 years of fighting for “NEVER AGAIN”, for peace and security and the European dream as I learned it and feel it deeply in my system…our current leaders, including those of all those then fallen and still mostly young Americans, would so betray their sacrifice.

What a sad day it will be…

Update 21 May 2022
‘It looks like I will have to confess that my mission has failed…’
NO IT IS NOT!!!⚔️😠
As this is not my EU and Europe!!😠
This bad nationalists and their collaborators are..again..not gonna win!!
So towards an undivided EUrope🇪🇺 in 2045!!💪

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So You really think that if…

(In het Nederlands)

In these days of…again…”Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” the so needed Disclaimer

So You really think that if tens of thousands of dead and wounded were considered acceptable (“We are so sorry for you loss”) in their projects in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2001 and 2003 onwards from their nationalist self-centred doctrines…

Project 2 uuhh 1 – After the very painful 9/11 surprise. The Bush administration, which had just taken office, was already busy with Iraq and neglected the clear warnings. While many experts suggested bombing, it became Project 1 of the Bush Doctrine..forced regime change and occupation to bring democracy American Style. Would have welcomed the Afghans just like the Germans and Japanese with open arms.

The Taliban were primitive barbarians, still living in the stone age and as diabolical as their Al Qaeda cronies and their leader Osama Bin Laden! 20 years of American and Western military power, including NATO, just like during the Russian occupation earlier, could not break the Afghan resistance. Also because many more Afghans supported them than was claimed..and really not all of them were forced..but because they did not want democracy and progressive frivolous freedoms (yet). At least not forced upon them by.. (mostly Christian).. foreigners.. again. The Taliban is back in power after a debacle of a retreat..and there are now talks and negotiations with “those barbarians”…

Project 1 uuhh 2 – After the apparently easy and successful start at project 2..uuhh 1.. in Afghanistan.. that would be all right!!..the critics were all wrong!!.. did the Bush administration go after all quickly back to work planning for their original main project of their Bushdoctrine.. forced regime change and occupation of Iraq. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, anti-EU-skeptical(!!), who has become enthusiastic about Afghanistan and (nationalistically) realised the greatness of also his country Great Britain besides his important, god-given, role in the fight of Christian good against evil…Islam uuhh Terror!!… was happy to participate now.

Because that devilish psychopath Saddam Hussein, from ally, to (misled) conqueror in 1990/1991 evil occupation of ally Kuwait!! That had already been severely punished then.. but not finished by father Bush (the dumbass!! because after that almost killed by order of Hussein.. they said). That cruelty troublemaker, defying Americans and their power and allies in the Gulf now really needed to be eliminated. And the Iraqi people, like Germany and Japan in WW2, would be gratefully liberated and propelled in the development of peoples, like the Afghans, under inspiring American-British leadership. Possibly next projects the equally evil regimes in Syria and Iran. Democracy in the region, peace…and ally Israel happy. Could he give the Palestinians something with freedom and rights…or not…also well…Jordan, after all, already the Palestinian state. President Bush, now somewhat less inexperienced, decided after the eventual dramatic development in Iraq and disappointing in Afghanistan to abandon these new projects. His government and policy were therefore changed in the second period.

However, the criticism and protests against this new-old project 1 uuhh 2 were unprecedentedly fierce, large, widely shared… even large groups of former soldiers and politicians wrote protest letters. People warned that a Pandora’s box was about to be opened in the region. But they did not listen in Washington and London and friendly capitals. After all, there was now fait accompli evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and, according to Blair, he would be able to fire many missiles at Europe at any moment and in a short time! That this was all self-fabricated evidence and lies many already understood but heard most only later during the investigations after this debacle.

So the green light was given. Supported by many Western and European governments (including actively by the Polish…and politically supported by the Dutch). The once again enormous military build-up in the still friendly Gulf states. Which presence of so many American/western/Christian military in the core country of Islam Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War in 1991 radicalised Osama Bin Laden and made him found Al know of 9/11 attack and reason for project 2 uuhh 1. Thousands of Iraqi soldiers were literally buried in their trenches or roasted in their tanks.

The Iraqi people, however, did not take to the streets en masse. That was already a worrying omen and had been warned about beforehand. The weapons of mass destruction were not found..despite everything being double-edged. Saddam Hussein, however, was eventually found like a weasel in a hole, his sons having already been killed in battle. Going down fighting is not his thing as a great Arab ruler, but he did go down screaming and cursing on the gallows. Would Bush and Blair have done the same or pissed their trousers? What seemed to be a success soon became a great tragic drama. Pandora’s box had indeed been opened in Iraq and in the region, even in nearby continents and in the world…with consequences also in European streets, cafes and theatres.

So you really think that if tens of thousands of dead and wounded were considered acceptable (“We are so sorry for you loss”) in their projects in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2001 and 2003 onwards from their nationalist self-centred doctrines…it became hundreds of thousands dead and wounded…

…and millions of displaced people and refugees…also towards the EU, civil wars in Syria and Libya, failed states, the bloody collapse of the Arab democratic spring in Egypt, the rise of IS, genocide Yazidis and many bloody terror attacks in the world…also the EU, even more big-brother-like measures to prevent them, eliminating the IS in bloody battle, flaring up nuclear weapons problems in Iran and North Korea (who felt even more threatened by the forced regime changes and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq), economic misery, even more loss of credibility in our democratic system and therefore also growth of religious radicalism elsewhere and extremism and conspiracy thinking here, more assertive steps by countries such as China, Turkey and Russia, and so on… and then I probably forgot a lot of things still…

So you really think that if tens of thousands of dead and wounded were considered acceptable (“We are so sorry for you loss”) in their projects in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2001 and 2003 onwards from their nationalist self-centred doctrines…it became hundreds of thousands dead and wounded and millions of displaced people and refugees…that those few thousand dead and wounded Ukrainians and Russians and tens of thousands…already millions of…displaced and fleeing Ukrainians, the still nationalistic American and British governments Biden and Johnson and their supporters in NATO and here in Europe would stop this time and really care so much?! Now within this still ongoing primary US-UK project (that already started late 1990’s and was accelerated by US Bush and UK Blair administrations from 2001’s) of their still egocentric nationalistic doctrines and projects (like recently AUKUS).

Those who did keep a more broader objective view then and now understood what happened…and what the main cause was then and still is now…learned the lessons from Europe’s own war-rich history and also from these recent projects, would never follow our EU leaders decision so supportive and gullibly into another (proxy)war as has happened now…again…

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And then there was the Russian attack against the Ukraine after all..

(In het Nederlands)
Unfortunately, much needed in these times… Disclamer EN

So painful!! So sad when I see the pictures of the fighting, dead and wounded and distraught civilians!! My heart breaks..

But this could have been avoided!! Because if the EU neglects to offer an inclusive European solution… because that is not what the US, UK and NATO want…at all costs…who also torpedoed all of Macron’s attempts…and too many too loyal EU leaders accept and support that, then it is their own fault, and besides also the end of our EUropean dream!! Those who do not want to listen have to…unfortunately…but feel…

The Russian attack I also hoped would not happen. I am an optimist and I strive for peace!! I really could not imagine that our EU leaders would play it up so much that it would come to this. That is why I always said it would not happen. The price for Russia was too high. But apparently that moment had already arrived. But I did take it into account and also warned a number of times, very cynically, that if people wanted war so badly, they would get it..

And no, of course the Americans did not know that it would actually happen and when exactly!! If they had known exactly, they would have revealed that they had a spy at the highest Russian level. Because such a decision is taken at the very highest level. By Putin and a small team. And that would mean that the Americans themselves would unmask the existence of such an important spy. And that is not what they are doing. They were adamant about an attack on 16 February but that turned out to be false.

But suggesting this attack and giving dates for it was part of their deliberate anti-Russian propaganda and disinformation campaign (and, as I have often said, anti-EU!). After all, they did not want to offer an inclusive European security solution and vision, which is precisely what Russia was asking for. So the conflict had to be stoked up so that it did not come to that because people here thought that everything was caused by that evil Putin…

Only the French President Macron, unfortunately now without the very experienced and highly influential German (former) Chancellor Merkel next to him…. the conflict was not accidentally stoked around and after the departure of for America’s “block on the leg” Merkel by the US, UK, NATO and their supporters here in the EU. still tried to move in that direction. The newly appointed Chancellor Scholz followed him for a while, but was still too inexperienced and inadequately prepared, and with his new ambitious government, especially the fierce new Foreign Minister Baerbock, too susceptible to heavy American pressure.

Macron’s it seems inclusive European proposal was thus deliberately undermined and peremptorily rejected by the US, UK, NATO and their supporters within the EU and so Putin too had insufficient faith in it. Even though it was what he was asking for. Macron had understood the latter well. Macron then cut his losses in view of the upcoming presidential elections in France. To antagonise the Americans could prove to be very disadvantageous. The US is still very powerful within the EU.

The cynical thing is that by offering that, Russia would not be appeased, but rather put in front of the bloc itself. Do you want Putin’s vision or not? If so, develop and implement a vision, towards an inclusive and undivided Europe. If not, and not for relevant reasons, we know that your intentions are probably not positive. That is also why I am completely convinced that the US, UK, NATO and their supporters in the EU absolutely did not want this. Also without Putin. Not even if Russia had been a democracy.

And so, unfortunately, Russia decided to attack Ukraine after all. My first impression is that Russia is carrying out the same punishment and dismantling expedition as we saw in 2008 with the then totally irresponsible military attack, also triggered by the anti-Russian support and incitement of the US administration GW Bush at the time, of Georgian President Saakashvili on the Russian-backed separatists in the occupied territories in Georgia.

A kind of scenario that Russia also feared in the conflict with Ukraine in recent weeks. A Ukrainian President Zelensky with great political and especially economic problems, corona pandemic and tensions in Ukraine itself. Including a power struggle with competitors for the next round of presidential elections, especially former president Poroshenko. So circumstances for military adventurism as a distraction. So Russia significantly reinforced its forces on the Ukrainian border and in Crimea. Also in Belarus.

The Ukrainian attack did (for that reason?) not materialise but the presence of so many troops… not enough for a full-fledged invasion and occupation most experts explained by the way… also offered other scenarios and options for Putin and team. The outspoken rejection of an inclusive European solution and vision by the US, UK, NATO and supporters in the EU made Russia intervene to probably obtain a stronger negotiating position in the next round of negotiations that will surely come. Then Putin and his team are hard and unforgiving.

President Macron is and remains active in this. Peace and a solution are still possible, but now there is an alternative if an inclusive European peace proposal is rejected again by the countries involved. And the US, UK and NATO and their supporters in the EU will certainly do so again. Then the starting point is now more in Russia’s security advantage. That sacrifice is apparently worth it to Putin and regime. I wrote before that they were really done with it!

But then the future of Europe will not look good, divided again, a new iron curtain…back to before 1989…tragic for someone like me who was so happy that the cold war seemed to be over then…and made my personal sacrifices for it. And then what is left of the EU awaits a very difficult time…. It could have been so different…it is still possible!!.. I am holding on to a little hope! But it does not look good!!! So the US, UK, NATO and their supporters in EU will go very far for their Pax Americana. And most of the EU leaders too loyal, gullible and lacking vision to counterbalance this. Tragic after everything we have experienced in Europe and recently elsewhere and should have learned from it…

Unfortunately, much needed in these times… Disclamer EN