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The EU is coming out of it’s life threatening crisis better and stronger!!

(In Nederlands)

The EU is coming out of this life threatening crisis better and stronger!!! NO WAY..NO F#CKING WAY!!! that it will be brain death as the US, UK, NATO and their sympathisers here in Europe and EU want!!! We are going to defeat and defuse the collaborators and nationalists in the EU!!!

First of all, there will be an end as soon as possible to this nasty proxy war that they have deliberately provoked in Ukraine with…again…disastrous consequences for the country, region and world…just like Afghanistan and Iraq. Also Ukraine, Belarus and Russia will become EU members towards 2045!!! When we commemorate and celebrate in Europe that the horrible destructive Second World War ended 100 years ago here in 1945.. #StrongerTogether #WeAreEurope

From which these nationalists and collaborators out and inside Europe-EU learned nothing. Nor from their earlier destructive and disastrous projects in Afghanistan 2001-2021 and especially Iraq 2003. Who ever thought that people here would fall for it…again?!?!

And in 2045 NATO as we know it today will no longer exist!! Even though it now thinks to be alive again because of the conflict in Ukraine after the French president Macron recently called NATO brain death…now the EU seems to become brain death after taking a wrong turn. But this is just an apparent phase…just like the earlier claimed NATO ‘successes’ of its missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria…and so now Ukraine.

NATO took the wrong turn by collaborating with US and UK and their sympathisers in their egocentric nationalistic project against Russia…and against the EU(!!). And will, unlike the EU, not be able to come back and recover from that.

So the EU gets its own EUropean Defence Union – EDU to collectively protect the territories of its member states and their strategic interest in the world.

It will be a hard fight towards 2045. But we as Europeans will win…again…against this bad nationalism!!! The European Dream is not killed today…after we learned these painful lessons in our history
Nor is the European Union – the EU!!!


#StrongerTogether #WeAreEUrope🇪🇺

Needed in this time of mass formation and fierce propaganda…Disclaimer

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De EU komt beter en sterker uit deze voor haar levensbedreigende crisis!!!

(In English)

De EU komt beter en sterker uit deze voor haar levensbedreigende crisis!!! NO WAY…NO F#CKING WAY!!! dat het hersendood zal zijn zoals de VS, het VK en hun collaborateurs en sympathisanten hier in de NAVO en de EU willen!!! We gaan deze collaborateurs en nationalisten in de EU verslaan en onschadelijk maken!!!

Er komt eerst zo snel als mogelijk een einde aan deze akelige bewust door hen uitgelokte proxy oorlog in Oekraine met…weer…desastreuze gevolgen voor land, regio en wereld…net als Afghanistan en Irak. Ook Oekraïne, Belarus en Rusland zullen tegen 2045 lid worden van deze EU!!! Als we in Europa herdenken en vieren dat de afschuwelijke en destructieve Tweede Wereldoorlog 100 jaar geleden hier in 1945 eindigde… #StrongerTogether #WeAreEUrope

Waarvan deze nationalisten en collaborateurs buiten en binnen Europa-EU niets geleerd hebben. Noch van hun dus eveneens destructieve en rampzalige projecten in Afghanistan 2001-2021 en vooral Irak 2003. Wie had ooit gedacht dat de mensen hier erin zouden trappen…alweer!!!

En in 2045 zal de NAVO zoals we die nu kennen niet meer bestaan!! Ook al denkt men daar nu weer springlevend te zijn door het conflict in Oekraïne, nadat de Franse president Macron onlangs de NAVO hersendood noemde en het nu eerder lijkt dat de EU hersendood zal worden nadat ze een verkeerde afslag heeft genomen. Maar dit is slechts een schijnfase…net als de eerder beweerde ‘successen’ van de NAVO met haar missies in Kosovo en Afghanistan en Irak en Libië en Syrië…en nu dus Oekraïne.

De NAVO SG en organisatie heeft de verkeerde afslag genomen door samen te collaboreren met de VS en het VK en hun sympathisanten in hun egocentrische nationalistische project tegen Rusland…en tegen de EU(!!). En zal, in tegenstelling tot de EU, niet meer in staat zijn terug te komen daarop en zich daarvan te herstellen.

Dus krijgt de EU straks haar eigen EUropese Defensie Unie – EDU om collectief het grondgebied van haar lidstaten en hun strategisch belang elders in de wereld te beschermen en waar nodig te verdedigen.

Het zal een harde strijd worden richting 2045 met grote offers helaas. Maar wij als Europeanen zullen winnen…alweer…van dit weer foute nationalisme!!! De Europese Droom wordt vandaag niet gedood…nadat we deze pijnlijke lessen in onze geschiedenis geleerd hebben…
Evenmin als de Europese Unie – de EU!!!


#StrongerTogether #WeAreEUrope🇪🇺

Nodig in deze tijd van massavorming en felle propaganda…Disclaimer.

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Disinformation by NATO & EU vs Disinfo – Myths vs Facts Threat and defensive NATO?

NATO and EU vs Disinfo like to brag about their ability to distinguish between ❌MYTH and ✅FACT and thus to be able to unmask a lot of disinformation, especially from Russia, their obsession. But they regularly make mistakes themselves, with probably their own deliberate propaganda and disinformation. Two examples.

NATO is not encircling and trying to contain Russia


NATO is a defensive organisation

NATO is not encircling and trying to contain Russia

People who have no knowledge and understanding of this aspect will say…right!!! And yes, in factual it is correct.. in terms of only boundaries on land. But anyone who has knowledge and understanding of this aspect and war fighting and does not allow themselves to be tricked or consciously participate in this form of NATO’s and EU’s own propaganda and disinformation knows that the overall proposition of NATO and EU vs Disinfo is nonsense. And the Russians are simply right in this matter.

First the map shown. Probably deliberately in 2D. Not in 3D and as a globe!! Which already makes the image quite different!! Especially if you know that modern warfare is of course much more than just only over land. Also by sea, air, digital and also space.

Already a different picture!! But it still leaves much of the Russian claim of NATO “encirclement” open. Therefore it is important to look at the capacities and bases of the NATO member states themselves. Because in the event of a conflict or even war, operations will, of course, not only be carried out from the European part of NATO territory. Especially the capacities of the still undisputed and dominant NATO leader USA come into the picture. It is not for nothing that Russia focuses on America in its accusations in this matter.

And that also changes the “innocent” picture painted by NATO and EU vs Disinfo. The US has bases all over the world. Including large bases with strategic bombers. In the Middle East and the Indian Ocean and also in Asia… so on the Asian side of Russia. Before the withdrawal and collapse of the Afghanistan mission, the US was also able to position and deploy air forces there. Also think of the multiple operational carrier strike groups (10 total) with entire air forces on board. Which can operate from any position at sea around Russia. And the Marines units and air assets on several operational large amphibious ready groups (10 total). Also large US Marines bases and very mobile units and their huge amphibious ships in Japan and South Korea. Besides very capable and well supported Airborne divisions with huge air transport capabilities. Russia also has not forgotten the use of American troops and landings in Siberia, among other places, during the Russian revolution, in support of the White Army’s.

So we can now conclude that what the Russians claim looks more like a ✅FACT and what NATO and EU vs Disinfo claim is the ❌MYTH

But very adept at also using propaganda and disinformation…even if looks like a belief almost…one really seems to believe it oneself…both will argue that NATO is a defensive organisation and therefore no danger to Russia!!

The next ❌MYTH vs ✅FACT..part 2..

NATO is a defensive organisation…

Yes, fundamentally and according to its treaty text and mission, NATO is a defensive organisation. But we already saw another side of NATO in the Kosovo War as well as the intervention in the civil wars in Bosnia and Libya. An obviously offensive side..

And another aspect is less obvious but very relevant in this case. In 2001 and 2003, the US and its allies UK, Australia and in 2003 also Poland, decided to proceed with, in the first instance, illegal forced regime changes and invasion and occupation of Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003). This choice came from the newly introduced neocons nationalist Bush Doctrine in 2000 when President GW Bush took office.

The horrific attack on 9/11 did prompt action against Afghanistan and Al Qaeda bases there, but a forced regime change and occupation was only an option, not a foregone conclusion!! So criticism of these steps was widespread and sharp, especially case of the attack on Iraq in 2003. What the Bush administration was already so almost obsessed about in 2001 that they did not take the serious warnings of a major terror attack in America seriously and mostly ignored them. An important reason why they covered up their part in the investigations into 9/11 afterwards..which in turn fuelled the conspiracy theories.

Back to the NATO role. What happened in both Afghanistan and Iraq was that after the invasion, forced regime change and occupation, NATO took over some of the main tasks and operations of the multinational military occupation forces. An in itself defensive organisation (already weakened by Bosnia, Kosovo and Libya) thus became an extension and justifier of the flawed offensive operations by its leader US and member state UK and other NATO Member States.

This was followed by .. both Bush Doctrine projects and missions turned out to have disastrous consequences for both countries Afghanistan and Iraq, their populations (massive death, wounded, destruction, refugees flows), the region (incl. huge refugee flows, civil wars Libya and Syria, rise of IS, nuclear weapons program Iran) and other parts of the world (refugees flows, migration stress, terror attacks, lose of own credibility by support and things like Guantanamo bay, huge and expensive but highly disputed security programs, etc. ).. NATO still actively participating in the fight against the emerged Islamic State.

So it is clear that there are some critical comments to be made about NATO’s defensive nature. And that the statement of NATO and EU vs disinfo that NATO is a defensive organisation so not threat to Russia is much more ❌MYTH than ✅FACT.

But why, besides Iran and North Korea and other countries that fear the wrath of the US, is Russia so concerned about it, about NATO’s as threat? Because there is another important, but often forgotten, project of the Bush Doctrine. Containing and weakening the power competitors of the US as the world leader and only real superpower, of its Pax Americana. A sentiment widely shared in both the Democratic and Republican Party. Where the normally already strong patriotism with the challenges in America itself, society..poverty..radicalism..poor infrastructure..and also effect 9/11..and in the world after the end of the Cold War is increasingly turning into nationalism. Already during the Clinton administration after an internal clash of doctrines (with negative effects on the Bosnian War!!), certainly under that of neocons GW Bush and “America First” Trump, but also that of “Made in America” Obama and now Biden. Who speak grand, together and unctuous, but think more nationalistically and in power politics then most think here in EUrope.

So part of that other Bush Doctrine project was to further contain and weaken former (but still seen by many in Washington as) enemy Russia. Already started during the Clinton administration towards Russian interests in the Balkans (Serbia, Kosovo war). Which was for President Yeltsin and his later Prime Minister Putin already cause for anger and growing mistrust towards US and allies. With the GW Bush administration focus on the important passage for Russia to the Near and Middle East. In Eastern Europe (large NATO expansion and active influencing politics and developments in Ukraine). And towards (highly) strategic interests and bases of Russia in other parts of the world (Libya, Syria, Africa, Asia, South America). Consciously looking for and crossing red lines of then Putin’s Russia.

Another component was to cost Russia through a restarted arms race and thus be able to spend less on domestic needs and projects. And consciously helping to stir up any unrest among the peoples and population in the Russian states and provinces. In the hope that they would also secede from Russia and thus Russia itself would further disintegrate and weaken… as a competitor of the US. Then pro-Western new countries of former Russia, which recognise the US as leader, can become part of Pax Americana and the EU. Putin or no Putin, democracy or no democracy in today’s united Russia therefore makes no difference at all to the conflict now!!

This within a broader strategy that was..and still is(!!)..also aimed at an ally, but also an important power and economic competitor of the US, the EU. Where the US still had and has direct control via NATO over EU’s security and military structures and policies, and thus its possibilities in its foreign economic policy. To offer security guarantees to its allies or to protect and enforce the EU’s possessions and strategic interests in other parts of the world, like in the Indo-Pacific. Almost unthinkable in today’s geopolitical times. An economic superpower like the EU that cannot protect its own interests but leaves that to an important competitor!! As if Apple has its buildings guarded by Samsung, although they often work together. This dominance of the US over EU had to be maintained…something that both Republicans and Democrats agreed and agree on, yes, even Trump…

And that was threatened by the rapidly expanding EU-Russia relationship and trade in the 1990s. With both Russian President Putin and his EU colleagues already and even later on projecting visions of even more close cooperation and integration between EU and Russia. Putin’s proposed and by Merkel later also offered free trade area from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Probably developing into a even larger EU one day. This would make the EU increasingly autonomous of the US, also militarily…and…in a sense let Russia win the Cold War in the end…politicians and military thought in Washington.

So..not to elaborate too sum up. NATO is certainly, through its leader USA, circling Russia and the US and allies threatening and have a goal to weakening Russia. From their strategic reasons or naive credulity. And keep Russia in the camp of dictatorial superpower China..create a simple good vs bad bipolair world order. While Russia is in reality fearing China and the threat China is to her sparsely populated but rich in land and resources Siberia. Especially now that, due to climate change, unusable land is quickly becoming usable. In absence of enough of this, the Chinese regime is looking for “lebensraum” for its huge population, who demands more welfare and welbeing. Where do we recognise that term as Europeans?! That is why Putin is appeasing the revanchist communist/maoist one party Chinese regime but also still so eager to belong to the West and rejoin the EU…and even NATO.

Something that also plays a role today in the conflict with Russia over Ukraine, for the reasons I described earlier, deliberately stirred up by the US, UK, NATO and their allies..but in fact is about much more..

And in that context NATO is not a defensive organization either. Although there are important member states that are more defensive than others. And dampen overly offensive NATO operations, something the US and UK would like to see happen and encourage. Merkel was particularly strong in this. But it just left. So it’s no surprise that her successor Scholz was immediately put to the test by the US and UK around Russia and Ukraine.

In conclusion, and in view of current events, my appeal to Europeans to go above all for an inclusive, undivided EUrope towards 2045. When we celebrate and commemorate that the horrific Second World War ended. Unfortunately, many politicians, soldiers, journalists and think-tanks have apparently already forgotten the lessons from that war.

And…to return to the focus op this topic, a reformed, refocused, enlarged and slightly renamed NATO. Ready for the threats and challenges of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!!

The EU and the USA, Pax EUropaea and Pax Americana Stronger Together!!

Buitenlands beleid VS Conflicten Conflicten Europa Defensiebeleid Belgie Defensiebeleid Luxemburg Defensiebeleid Nederland Defensievisie EU Eigen kernwaarden EUropees veiligheidsbeleid Europese Unie Oorlog Politiek

Niks geleerd van..?!

(in English)

Tragisch dat EUropa en ook Amerika de belangrijkste les van de Eerste Wereldoorlog vergeten lijkt te zijn. Een verslagen tegenstander (toen Duitsland, nu USSR>Rusland na de Koude Oorlog) die zich onrechtvaardig behandeld voelt, is meer revanchistisch en dus gevaarlijker dan een tegenstander die je omarmt en weer integreert.

Komt het al door?! Duitsland.. ondanks verschrikkelijke misdaden van Holocaust.. omarmden en integreerden we weer na de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Terwijl Rusland… fundamenteel belangrijk voor ook onze bevrijding toen… weer sinds de jaren 90 bewust wordt buitengesloten… en daar niet melding van mag maken en boos over mag zijn?! En… pijnlijk…weer keiharde maatregelen neemt [nam!], want fundamentele rode lijn, als het antwoord echt ‘njet’ blijft…

Wat we dus nodig hebben [hadden?] is een inclusieve onverdeelde EUropese visie richting 2045!!! Als we het einde van die gruwelijke tweede wereld oorlog vieren en herdenken dan 1oo jaar geleden. Geen (koude) oorlogszuchtige praat van mensen die ook de lessen van die oorlog vergeten lijken te zijn!!!

Echt waar?! Moet het nu net Duitsland [aanvulling: althans zo leek het…maar Merkel is weg en ook hun inzicht en volharding in deze blijkbaar…] zijn om zoveel Europese en Amerikaanse politici, militairen, journalisten en denktankers hier te herinneren aan de primaire lessen van de Eerste Wereldoorlog, de Tweede Wereldoorlog en de Koude Oorlog en hen op te roepen daarnaar te handelen in het belang van geheel Europa (is ook Rusland)?!..Echt waar?!?!

Conflicten Core values Defence vision EU Foreign policy NATO Security policy EUrope UN US foreign policy

Nothing learned from…?!

Tragic that EUrope and America too seems to have forgotten the main lesson of the First World War. A defeated opponent (then Germany, now USSR>Russia after the Cold War) who feels unjustly treated is more revanchist and thus more dangerous than one you embrace and integrate again.

Is it getting through yet?! Germany.. despite terrible crimes of the Holocaust.. we embraced and integrated again after the Second World War. While Russia… fundamentally important to our liberation then… has been deliberately excluded again since 1990s.. and is not allowed to mention that and be angry about that?! And… how painfully… takes [took!] hard steps, because a fundamental red line, when the answer remains “njet”?!

So what we need [needed?] is an inclusive undivided EUropean vision towards 2045!! When we celebrate and remember the end of that horrific Second World War 100 years ago. Not (cold)warmonger talk of people who seems to have forgotten also the lessons of that war!!

Really?! Does it have to be Germany now [addition: at least so it seemed…but Merkel is gone and so is their understanding of and perseverance in this apparently…] to remind so many European and American politicians, military, journalists and think tankers here of the primary lessons of the First World War, the Second World War and Cold War and urge them to act accordingly in the interests of all of Europe (is also Russia)?!..Really?!?!

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(In Nederlands)

Update 21-05-2022
– In 2045, NATO will no longer exist. Even though it now thinks to be alive again because of the conflict in Ukraine after the French president Macron recently called NATO brain death…now the EU seems to become brain death after taking a wrong turn. But this is an apparent phase…just like the earlier claimed NATO successes of its missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria…and so now Ukraine. The organisation took the wrong turn by collaborating with US and UK and their sympathisers in their egocentric nationalistic project against Russia…and the EU(!!). And will, unlike the EU, not be able to come back and recover from that.

I was born during the Cold War, in June 1968. When studying Political science with specialisation in Polemology/War studies it ended. Not good for my future employment, not good at all I discovered later (because world peace had broken out they said) but still I was very happy as I love peace!!

The end of the Cold War meant the end of the Iron Curtain, end of Berlin Wall, end of divided Germany, end of communist authoritarian state USSR, end of a divided Europe!!

But the Cold War was deliberately fired up again in the late 90’s and especially from 2001. By American nationalists in the White House and their pro-Atlantic European allies, especially the EU skeptic UK. In their erroneous nationalistic Bush doctrine focus not alone on Afghanistan and Iraq.

Probably motivated by and against the growing relationship between Russia and EU in the years before, that in their view undermined NATO. So their own influence and strong positions in and via this organisation on the EU and Europe.

Especially towards the EU, ally, but also more and more a geopolitical and geoeconomic competitor of the USA, and now after Brexit the UK. Maybe logical from their strategic interests but very egocentric and not from the interest or good for the EU or even Europe as a whole!!

New iron curtains built in Europe, new tensions, new cold war, large military movements and new cold war language, disinformation and propaganda!!

Unacceptable!! Unacceptable!!

Tragic that also the EU seems to have forgotten the primary lesson of the First World War!! A defeated country (then Germany now USSR>Russia after Cold War) that feels unjustly treated and excluded is more revanchist and thus more dangerous for peace and stability than one you embrace and integrate again (Germany after the Second World War)!!

So I want an undivided European future!! Not a new divided Europe and new Cold War!!

An undivided Europe with an European Defence Union – EDU as part of the reformed European Union EU.

As NATO of today is our past and EDU and a reformed NATO our future!!

With first a solution and peace plan for the cruel war in Eastern Ukraine. That must end before any other step will be taken!!

And justice for the MH17 tragedy and its victims!!

Without that no deal and no end to the economic sanctions for Russia!!

Within this new strategic peace and security structure and vision for Europe and a renewed friendship between the EU and Russia this can culminate in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.. after reforms and as constitutional free democracies(!!).. joining the EU before 2045, when we commemorate and celebrate the end of the horrific Second World War 100 years ago in Europe. Putin will retire from politics in that process. I think he wants that for a long time already. But he can still secure and anchor the treaties and start the changing process as a sign of goodwill and trust in both ways.

And to show and proof that this was always his own desired European vision too. As by offering this inclusive EUropean vision, Russia would not be appeased, but rather put in front of the bloc itself. Do you want Putin’s vision or not? If so, develop and implement a vision, towards an inclusive and undivided Europe. If not, and not for relevant reasons, we know that your intentions are probably not positive.

As also the younger Russian generations feel being part of Europe and want to become part of the EU. As Daria Navalnaya said when she receives the Sakharov Prize, the European Union’s top human rights prize, on behalf of her father.
“…Russia is a part of Europe, and we strive to become a part of it.
But we also want Europe to strive for itself, to those amazing ideas, which are at its core. We strive for a Europe of ideas, the celebration of human rights, democracy and integrity.”

Developments which hopefully the governments of America and UK will support this time and will join. I think in the end also better for them!!

So also Russia, Ukraine and Belarus becoming members of a reformed and refocused NATO this time.

Within a reformed NATO, the Northern Alliance Treaty Organisation, with the same defensive role but a different structure, different focus and with more new member states.

So we can counter and deter the real main threat to our Western and European security, welfare, wellbeing and stability today and tomorrow, revanchist totalitarian communist/Maoist one-party regime and state China!! Which is also a major threat to Russia!!! That is why Russia is so keen on joining the West and the EU!!!

As I find it bizarre that where we have conducted 46 years of Cold War against that other totalitarian communist/Stalinist 1-party dictatorship of former times..the USSR..deliberately(!!) restarted in the 1990’s against a militarily and economically much weaker and still not totalitarian Russia…

..the EUropean and western governments want to stay economic partners and friends with a dictatorial China?! Even after the corona crisis and cultural genocide against the Uyghur minority?! Really that is in my opinion as a child and adult of the Cold War totally bizarre!!



Because in this time of war mongering and mass formation/hysteria and where Mccarthyism seems to have returned and anyone who, like me, has a more balanced view of developments is called a fearsome Putinversteher, or worse, traitor, this disclaimer is unfortunately necessary…

Buitenlands beleid VS Conflicten Conflicten Europa Defensievisie EU EUropees veiligheidsbeleid Europese Unie Koude Oorlog Oorlog Propaganda en desinformatie Visies


(In Engels)

Update 21-05-2022
– In 2045 zal de NAVO niet meer bestaan. Ook al denkt het nu weer springlevend te zijn door het conflict in Oekraine nadat de Franse president Macron de NAVO kort geleden nog brain death eerder de EU brain death lijkt te worden na nemen verkeerde afslag. Maar dit is een schijn als de eerder geclaimde NAVO successen van haar missies in Kosovo en Afghanistan en Irak en Libië en Syrie..en dus nu Oekraine. De organisatie nam de verkeerde afslag door collaboratie met VS en VK en hun sympathisanten in hun egocentrische nationalistische project tegen Rusland..en de EU(!!). En zal, in tegenstelling tot de EU, daar niet meer op terug kunnen komen en van kunnen herstellen.

Ik ben geboren tijdens de Koude Oorlog, in juni 1968. Toen ik Politicologie met specialisatie Polemologie studeerde kwam er een einde aan. Niet goed voor mijn toekomstige baankansen, helemaal niet goed ontdekte ik later (omdat de wereldvrede was uitgebroken zeiden ze). Maar toch was ik erg blij want ik hou van vrede!!

Het einde van de Koude Oorlog betekende het einde van het IJzeren Gordijn, het einde van de Berlijnse Muur, het einde van het verdeelde Duitsland, het einde van de communistische autoritaire staat USSR, het einde van een verdeeld Europa!!

Maar de Koude Oorlog werd aan het eind van de jaren ’90 en vooral vanaf 2001 weer opzettelijk opgestart en aangewakkerd!! Door Amerikaanse nationalisten in het Witte Huis en hun pro-Atlantische Europese bondgenoten, vooral het EU-sceptische VK. In hun foutieve nationalistische Bush doctrine richten ze zich niet alleen op Afghanistan en Irak.

Waarschijnlijk gemotiveerd door en tegen de groeiende relatie tussen Rusland en de EU in de jaren daarvoor, die in hun ogen de NAVO ondermijnde. Dus hun eigen invloed en sterke posities in en via deze organisatie op de EU en Europa.

Vooral richting de EU, bondgenoot, maar ook meer en meer een geopolitieke en geo-economische concurrent van de VS, en nu na Brexit het VK. Misschien logisch vanuit hun strategische belangen maar zeer egocentrisch en niet vanuit het belang of goed voor de EU of zelfs Europa als geheel!!

Nieuwe ijzeren gordijnen gebouwd in Europa, nieuwe spanningen, nieuwe koude oorlog, grote militaire bewegingen en nieuwe koude oorlog taal, desinformatie en propaganda!!

Onaanvaardbaar!! Onaanvaardbaar!!

Tragisch dat ook de EU de primaire les van de Eerste Wereldoorlog vergeten lijkt te zijn!! Een verslagen land (toen Duitsland nu USSR>Rusland na Koude Oorlog) dat zich onrechtvaardig behandeld en buitengesloten voelt is revanchistischer en dus gevaarlijker voor vrede en stabiliteit dan een land dat je omarmt en weer integreert (Duitsland na de Tweede Wereldoorlog)!!

Dus ik wil een onverdeelde Europese toekomst!! Niet een nieuw verdeeld Europa en een nieuwe Koude Oorlog!!

Een ongedeeld Europa met een EUropese Defensie Unie – EDU als onderdeel van de hervormde Europese Unie EU.

Want de NAVO van vandaag is ons verleden en EDU en een hervormde NAVO onze toekomst!!

Met eerst een oplossing en een vredesplan voor de wrede oorlog in Oost-Oekraïne. Daar moet een eind aan komen voordat enige andere stap wordt gezet!!

En gerechtigheid voor de MH17-tragedie en de slachtoffers!!

Zonder dat geen deal en geen einde aan de economische sancties tegen Rusland!!

Binnen deze nieuwe strategische vredes- en veiligheidsstructuur en visie voor Europa en een hernieuwde vriendschap tussen de EU en Rusland kan dit culmineren in toetreding van Rusland, Oekraïne en Wit-Rusland… na hervormingen en als constitutionele vrije democratieën(!!) tot de EU vóór 2045, wanneer we het einde van de gruwelijke Tweede Wereldoorlog, 100 jaar geleden in Europa, herdenken en vieren. Poetin zal zich in dat proces terugtrekken uit de politiek. Ik denk dat hij dat al lang wil. Maar hij kan nog steeds de verdragen veiligstellen en verankeren en het veranderingsproces op gang brengen als een teken van goede wil en vertrouwen in beide partijen.

En om te laten zien en te bewijzen dat dit ook altijd zijn eigen gewenste Europese visie was. Want door een inclusieve EUropese visie aan te bieden appease je Rusland dus niet maar zet je haar juist voor het blok. Willen jullie Poetin’s visie of niet? Zo ja, visie uitwerken en uitvoeren, op weg naar een inclusief en ongedeeld EUropa. Zo nee, en niet om relevante redenen, dan weten wij dat jullie intenties dus waarschijnlijk niet positief zijn.

Want ook de jongere Russische generaties voelen zich deel van Europa en willen deel uitmaken van de EU. Zoals Daria Navalnaya zei toen zij de Sacharovprijs, de belangrijkste mensenrechtenprijs van de Europese Unie, namens haar vader in ontvangst nam.
“…Rusland is een deel van Europa, en we streven ernaar om er deel van uit te maken.
Maar we willen ook dat Europa naar zichzelf nastreeft, naar die geweldige ideeën, die de kern van Europa vormen. Wij streven naar een Europa van ideeën, de viering van mensenrechten, democratie en integriteit.”

Ontwikkelingen die hopelijk de regeringen in Amerika en het VK deze keer zullen steunen en zich zullen aansluiten. Ik denk uiteindelijk ook beter voor hen!!

Dus ook Rusland, Oekraïne en Wit-Rusland die deze keer lid worden van een hervormde en geheroriënteerde NAVO.

Binnen een hervormde NAVO, de Noordelijke Alliantie Verdragsorganisatie, met dezelfde defensieve rol, maar met een andere structuur, een andere focus en met meer nieuwe lidstaten.

Zodat wij de werkelijke grootste bedreiging voor onze Westerse en Europese veiligheid, welzijn, welvaart en stabiliteit van vandaag en morgen, revanchistisch totalitair communistisch/Maoïstisch eenpartij regime en staat China, kunnen tegengaan en afschrikken!! Welke ook een grote bedreiging is voor Rusland!! Vandaar dat Rusland zo graag aansluiting wil bij het Westen en de EU!!

Want ik vind het bizar, dat waar wij 46 jaar Koude Oorlog hebben gevoerd tegen die andere totalitaire communistische/stalinistische een-partij dictatuur van USSR..bewust(!!) in de jaren ’90 opnieuw herstart tegen een militair en economisch veel zwakker en nog steeds niet totalitair Rusland..

de EUropese en Westerse regeringen economische partners en vrienden willen blijven met een dictatoriaal China?! Zelfs na de corona crisis en culturele genocide op de Oeigoerse minderheid?! Echt dat is als kind en volwassene van de Koude Oorlog naar mijn mening totaal bizar!!



Omdat in deze tijd van oorlogszucht en massavorming/hysterie en het Mccarthyisme weer lijkt te zijn teruggekeerd en iedereen die, zoals ik, een meer evenwichtige kijk op de ontwikkelingen heeft wordt uitgemaakt voor vervaarlijke Putinversteher, of erger nog, landverrader, is deze disclaimer helaas noodzakelijk…

Defence vision EU Security policy EUrope

Strategic Vision Northern Alliance Treaty Organisation – NATO 2045

download Last update: 21-05-2022 23:45
– In 2045, NATO will no longer exist. Even though it now thinks to be alive again because of the conflict in Ukraine after the French president Macron recently called NATO brain death…now the EU seems to become brain death after taking a wrong turn. But this is an illusionary phase…just like the previously claimed NATO successes of its missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria..and so now Ukraine. The organisation took the wrong turn by collaborating with US and UK and their sympathisers in their egocentric nationalistic project against Russia..and the EU(!!). And will, unlike the EU, not be able to come back and recover from that. So Strategic Vision Northern Alliance Treaty Organisation – NATO 2045
– Singapore included. Plus NATO 2045 map.
– Switzerland became member of the EU/EDU but not of NATO.

– Exit 2043, now snapshot 2045, 100 years after end of WO2. This is more symbolic of Europe as a whole.
– Turkey left NATO.

NATO in a snapshot of the year 2045..

Index –

NATO 2045 Expansion

NATO still is an important collective defence organisation and coalition. To keep Europe, US, and Canada closely connected and the strong historical relation alive. Expanded with more like wise countries in the Northern Hemisphere of the world. And still with strong political and military relations and close cooperation with other like wise countries in other parts of the world. A collective defence organisation of countries with a combined population of nearly 1.5 billion.


The EU created its own defence structure with EDU. All (new) EU member states decided independently if they stay or also became member of NATO, next to the USA and Canada. All except Switzerland did before 2045.


Turkey decided to leave NATO after increasing differences of strategic interest and opinion with the US and the EU and the continued postponement of a Turkish EU membership. And to focus on the further development and strengthening of the political, economic and security cooperation within the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). (probably with a new name in 2045..)


When the relations got better after an acceptable peace plan ended the Ukraine War and democratic reforms were achieved Russia, Ukraine and Belarus also became NATO member.


The membership of other countries in the Northern Hemisphere of the world were realised. Georgia, Armenia at the corner of Europe. Mongolia and also Japan, South-Korea, Taiwan and Singapore became members of NATO. Out of common concern about the growing threat of communist totalitarian superpower China.


Although they are not located in the Northern Hemisphere, membership of Australia and New Zealand has been accepted given the close and strong social-cultural connection with many other member states of NATO.


Good to remember the remaining art. 5 clause and demands for democracy and state of law can mean apparently suitable countries (still) not being an acceptable candidate for membership.

Apart from diplomatic contacts, there are no NATO cooperation programs any more with dictatorships and totalitarian states. This to the core values and the credibility of NATO.

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NATO 2045 (re)Name

Seeing the expansion with more countries outside the north Atlantic area a new name became more appropriate, so NATO henceforth stands for Northern Alliance Treaty Organisation.*

(*my suggestion…)

NATO 2045 Doctrine and Article 5

Article 5, changed partly because of new members, still is the main clause of the NATO treaty.


NATO stayed to be a defensive orientated treaty organisation. If some member states want a more offensive operation or mission, then consensus will have to be reached. Otherwise a coalition of the willing outside NATO is the better construction.

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NATO 2045 Headquarter

NATO headquarter moved from Brussel to Odessa Ukraine.


NATO 2045 Structure and Budget

A new political and military command structure within the (new) NATO organisation was created. The EU created its own defence structure with EDU. With military HQ’s where needed and wished. Build on decades of collective experience and good practice within NATO and other alliances. With new global (geopolitical) realities being integrated.

New NATO Headquarters Handover Ceremony and Fly-past - Meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government in Brussels

All NATO member states, the US included, worked towards a situation in which they spend a minimum but also a maximum of 2% of their GDP on defence.


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NATO 2045 Stationing and Training

Focus is on common security concerns around the borders of the collective NATO territory and also other parts of the world. NATO operations and troops stationing possible where needed and wished by the NATO member states.


In 2045 troops from NATO member states are permanently (rotating system) stationed in:
– Southern border of Armenia (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from (failed) states in the Middle East;
– Southeastern borders of Russia and Mongolia (land, air, sea) – Focus on threat from China;
– Border South Korea with North-Korea (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from North-Korea and China;
– Taiwan (land, air sea) – Focus on threat from China;
– Southern Spain (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from (failed) states in northern Africa and piracy;
– Italy – Sicily (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from (failed) states in northern Africa and piracy;
– Greece – Crete (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from (failed) states in northern Africa and piracy;
– Malta (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from (failed) states in northern Africa and piracy;
– Cyprus (land, air, sea) – Focus on border security and threats from (failed) states in Middle East, northern Africa and piracy.


Regular collective training takes place between NATO member states in and around the NATO treaty area. In Europe, North America, Northern Asia and other parts of the world. In Europe there are main training areas in the Baltics States, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

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Why 2045?! In 2045, it will be 100 years since the Second World War ended in Europe.

ColdWar Conflicts Europe Core values Defence vision EU European Union Foreign policy Security policy EUrope Visions

Strategic Vision European Union – EU 2045

downloadlast updated: 19-07-2022 15:20
– Addition need for EU equivalents for too dominant US and Chinese tech giants. Design updated.
– Supplement on aligned aspects of EU labour market.
– Underline that this is not a federation United States of Europe, as several people, organisations and politicians now want, but a special confederation of EUrope.
– Larger EU Parliament (672) and more (assistent)commissionars (16+48).
– Switzerland became member of EU/EDU before 2045.
– Russia will also become a member of the EU before 2045. Still unthinkable today. But historically important, strategically important, and above all it offers a common European future for the younger Russian generations.

– Exit 2043, now snapshot 2045, 100 years after end of WO2. This is more symbolic of Europe as a whole.

A snapshot of the EU in the year 2045..

Index –

EU 2045 Expansion and Member States

After further expansion the EU consist of 42 EU member states in 2045.
Member States EU 2045
* Kosovo became part of Albania.
** Northern Ireland and Ireland have merged peacefully.
*** Part of Belgium and the Netherlands merged into “The Netherlands” in this alternative vision.
**** Conflict with Russia ended. “>conflict Ukraine with Russia
***** Moldova became part of Romania.


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Enlargement of the EU continued for a while. Brexit saw the UK leave the EU. But Brexit meant also the end of the United Kingdom. Scotland and Wales became independent states and were welcomed back into the EU. England joined the EU later too after a new referendum supported that move. Northern Ireland and Ireland merged. Also the candidate countries in the Balkans.

The end of the Ukraine conflict meant the relation between Ukraine and Russia and between EU and Russia got better again step by step. A far-reaching cooperation treaty was concluded with both Ukraine and Russia, first becoming primary partners of the EU. EU membership of Russia and Ukraine was realised before 2045, 100 years after the end of the Second World War. So happened with Belarus, Georgia and Armenia. Also Switzerland followed after these positive developments.

The long-sought Turkish EU membership became no reality because the resistance against it within the EU remained too strong and Turkey itself decided to chose a different course and to strengthen another economic, political and security union, the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). But a far-reaching cooperation treaty between Turkey and EU was concluded.

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EU 2045 In General

Politics and administration
No EUropean presidents, only chairmen/chairwomen of the EUropean Council, the EUropean Commission, the Council of EU, the EUropean Central Bank and the EUropean Parliament. So in the end not a federation United States of Europe, as several wanted and probably still want, but a special confederation of EUrope!!

The EUropean Parliament is made up of members of existing national parliaments of the EU member states. A parliamentary double mandate: proportional selection of national representatives also sit in the EUropean Parliament. So no more separate EUropean parliamentary elections. Representation changes after national elections. The EUropean Parliament only reside in Brussels and meets several times a year, with each time focusing on a particular policy area or overall EU policy.
In this alternative strategic vision the parliament is much more decisive than the current EU Parliament (preferable the national parliaments of EU member states too!!). It is the legislature. The EUropean Commission, with sixteen departments with sixteen commissioners and forty-eight assistant commissioners, the executive. The EUropean Council provides advice to Parliament and also has the right of initiative.
In this alternative strategic vision the EUropean Parliament has 672 members, 16 from each of the 42 countries that will form the EU in 2045. With different voting weight for each national delegation. Legislation is drafted, discussed and decided upon in the separate parliamentary committees (minimum 16, 1 per department) with its own independent chairman. This is followed by a plenary vote where all parliamentarians are present and vote. Voting by absolute majority, three-quarters or in a limited number of areas still unanimously.

EU treaties that transfer national competences are only adopted if there is a two-thirds majority in national parliaments. Restraint in relation to far-reaching international free trade agreements. The EU’s core values ​​are absolutely leading in this respect, to strengthen and maintain its own credibility.

Remittance to the EU is a fixed percentage of GDP, which is the same for all member states. EU member states that do not comply with rules or budget agreements should be suspended. The EU must budget more transparently and also account for that budget per country.

The free movement of employees within the European Union has been restricted for some time, work permit needed again. The conditions required for this free movement…such as a more level economic playing field and a common language…were not yet present. Steps in that direction, such as the active equalisation of wages within the EU and the learning of a common language, Euranto, have been taken and are being further strengthened.

As far as the Euro is concerned, the Stability and Growth Pact remain guiding and strictly enforced. Groups of countries within the EU can proceed with further integration than elsewhere in the EU.

Both financially and with legislation and policy (e.g. protection schemes), equivalents within the EU of the far too dominant American and Chinese tech companies such as Google, Apple, Meta/Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, TikTok, Alibaba and their products, browsers or operating systems for computers and mobile phones.

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Common language
EUrido (modernised version of Esperanto/Ido, which has a high symbolic historic value for Europe in view of its Jewish creator Leyzer Zamengov) has become the EU main language. In addition to the national and regional languages she will be included in the basic package at all (lower) schools within the EU.

In addition to the own national flag, the EU flag is showed on government buildings and in Parliaments of the EU member states. This is to strengthen the EUropean identity without neglecting national identity(ies) and certainly not a development towards a United States of Europe. Which I believe is undesirable. 41093730_303

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EU 2045 Security and Defence

No independent EU army is formed but a number of steps made to a very close cooperation and a new security organisation and structure, the European Defence Union (EDU). Similar to the NATO structure (old-style). EDU headquarter in Strasbourg.

Link > Strategic Vision The EUropean Defence Union – EDU
Link > Vision EUropean Defence Union – EDU Forces 2045


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Core values Defence vision EU Foreign policy Security policy EUrope

Short EU Security Analysis 2045

Updated 07-09-2022

The possible most important developments and risks for the EU in Europe and the rest of the world up to 2045:

  • I had not anticipated the enormous impact of something like the coronavirus in the analysis. But it can have a major influence on the developments already mentioned here. With all the negative consequences that entails.


  • I had previously thought that the likelihood of a large-scale armed conflict on the European continent was low. I did consider small-scale hot conflicts, such as was happening in Eastern Ukraine, or the cold wars between Greece and Turkey and between Georgia and Russia, to be possible. Although more cooperation within the EU/EDU and NATO will reduce the likelihood of escalation and increase the chance of solutions. Including and not excluding Russia and Turkey in the policy of the European Union may increase the chances of solutions.I did not want to acknowledge yet that the American and British nationalism of ‘our liberators’ was so vicious and malicious that just after the corona crisis was dampened and ‘block to their leg’ German Chancellor Merkel had left after 16 years, they would accelerate their anti-Russia&EU project since the 1990s by deliberately provoke Russia over its highly strategic red line in Ukraine. And that NATO would fully collaborate and the EU would go along with this…again…after disastrous previous nationalistic projects of the US and UK and their sympathisers in Afghanistan and Iraq. It turned out to be possible and it happened and a nasty proxy war broke out in Ukraine after the Russian attack with…again…disastrous consequences for country, region and world.
    Although it looks gloomy now and not NATO but the EU becoming brain death is becoming reality now, I keep hoping and also expecting for a radical change within the EU public, media and political opinion in the foreseeable future by the realisation of what is really happened and happening here. Then a peace solution for the conflict in Ukraine will be found. With the main goal of a revival of the European Dream to a larger more autonomous EU with also the reformed(!!) Ukraine, Belarus and Russia as future members before the year 2045. When we celebrate and commemorate the end 100 years ago of the horrific Second World War. With also as a consequence the end of NATO as we know it (contrary to my vision here before) and the arrival of new forms of cooperation next to a again more important UN.


  • The presence of, and the chance of, conflicts elsewhere in the world, on the other hand, is considerable and is increasing towards 2045. This concerns both conflicts in the low and in the highest spectrum of violence. Both inter-state but more often conflicts within (failed) states. Which can influence developments in a region and indirectly/directly also in Europe.One of the main concerns for Europe is the Middle East and North Africa. Protests of the growing, mostly young and demanding populations against their totalitarian regimes and the growing violence of radical resistent groups against them can implode the region, country by country. Like today in Libya and Syria. Also the very unpopular solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fuels these protests and feelings of (Arabic/Islamic) humiliation. Being aware of the enormous amount of weapons stored in these countries and the relative weapon and war experienced populations makes that a ticking time bomb south east of the EU. With also a big impact on the rest of already unstable and underdeveloped Africa and the Asian region.


  • The emergence of new power blocks in the world such as China and India (and to a lesser extent Brazil and Nigeria) entail new security risks in addition to possibilities. Certainly if these countries extend their reach far beyond their own regions. Where India continues to develop as a democracy, and thus remains an important ally for the EU, the communist 1-party dictatorship in China is maintained. Even after opening of the economy during a period of economic globalisation. Staying in power will be the main goal for the regime. Chinese nationalism is also fanned for the benefit of the regime. This makes its policy less predictable and erratic.>


  • >This can cause a growing threat towards important democratic allies of the EU in Asia and other regions where China looks for more influence. Or looks for (new) natural sources for it’s growing energy needs (Russia’s Siberia?!). As well as impacting the important strategic shipping routes in Asia and other parts of the world. In addition to that the Chinese system and ideology is very contrary to the core values ​​of the EU’s political system and ideology. Growing importance of our own credibility makes it less normal to ignore this. This all is likely to grow into a new major cold war between China (and it’s allies) and western democratic countries (and their allies). In which the US and EU do not always have the same strategic interests or pursue the same way of (re)acting.


  • The growing dependence on and use of world wide web, digital technologies, mobile communication, Internet of Things, networks, satellites and upcoming artificial intelligence in our daily lives and work enrich but also make us more dependent on them. And so their (deliberate) disruption a growing security threat. Enough time, money, technology and people needed to protect, deter and when needed retaliate against these threats.


  • Due to the economic inequality in the world, the growing effects of climate change, a still growing world population, the emergence of new power blocks as well as increasing demand for raw materials, food, drinking water and strategic minerals, securing and guarding these strategic resources will become increasingly important for the EU. As well as the transport routes to and from it. Not only in the vicinity of Europe but also elsewhere in the world, such as Asia and the new routes in the Arctic.


  • The threat of terrorist activities and deadly terror attacks remains and will even grow towards 2045. Both globally and within the EU. Feeding grounds for radicalism stay for the moment or being created by conflicts, their solutions and the growing impact of climate change. Both trying to take away these feeding grounds and creating effective security measures and structures are needed in the long run.


  • Humanitarian disasters continue to occur regularly in the world. Climate Change will have a growing impact on these developments. Globale awareness and social media create less room to ignore them. They require direct or indirect support and deployment of EU resources and also a growing humanitarian role for the EU/EDU armed forces.