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Will this conflict with Russia…

(In Nederlands)

Will this already long-running conflict with Russia (and EU!!!) arouse all those old Coldwarish elderly people now?!šŸ¤” Impotent for a long time and rarely even fought themselves, but now cocky again in the (social) media in their warmongering and ‘wisdom’, just like before 1989 and during their ‘highlights’ Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq.šŸ˜–

And all those narcissistic pseudo-alpha males and females…šŸ˜– Achieve(d) little in their own policies, lives and actions except with a lot of elbowing, lying, manipulating and projected false images. Hence the obsessive envy towards Putin, Merkel and Macron…?!šŸ¤”

Update 25-05-2022
Example. She often shows her rather malicious anti-Russian face these days, which clashes with her own image earlier. Wolf in sheep’s clothing?! Ursula Gertrud Baroness von der Leyen, first female president of..yes..the European Commission. And formerly intended successor of great stateswoman Merkel, but fell through the iceā€¦vindictively afterwards?!

I also read on her Wikipedia pages in Dutch and English. That makes me wonder where her real loyalties lie…now.
‘As an economics student at theĀ London School of EconomicsĀ in the late 1970s, she lived under the name RoseĀ Ladson, the family name of her American great-grandmother fromĀ Charleston, South Carolina.
‘In 1992 stopte ze met haar opleiding om specialist te worden, ze ging tot 1996 naar deĀ Verenigde Staten.’
‘and was regarded as a leading contender to succeed Merkel asĀ chancellor of GermanyĀ and as the favourite to becomeĀ secretary general of NATO.’
‘Former British Secretary of State for DefenceĀ Michael FallonĀ noted in 2019 that she had been “a star presence” in theĀ NATOĀ community and “the doyenne of NATO ministers for over five years”‘
‘Since 2018 an investigative committee organized by Germany’s Federal Audit Office is looking into how contracts worth tens of millions of euros were awarded to external consultancy firms.*[96][97][63]Ā The auditing office has found several irregularities in how the contracts were awarded. During the investigation, two of von der Leyen’s phones were confiscated, but data from both phones has been deleted before being returned to the defense ministry.’ [*mainly from USA]
‘On 2 July 2019, von der Leyen was proposed by theĀ European CouncilĀ as their candidate for the office ofĀ President of the European Commission.[2][3]Ā On 16 July, she won with 383 to 327 votes.[4]Ā Germany abstained from the vote to nominate her. An article in The Guardian says that the reason for Germany’s refusal to vote for her is that von der Leyen is divisive.[114]

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